errors installing WebMO 21 on WSL2

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errors installing WebMO 21 on WSL2

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During the install of WebMO on the Windows Subsystem, I recieved the following warning after the notice "Enabling engines in WebMO"

/home/marsh/sitc/scripts/common/enable_in_webmo: line 15: warning: command substitution: ignored null byte in input

For Linux, I'm running Ubuntu 20.04. Is this message common?

I've run a test job for the molecular energy of methane using MOPAC 7. The error below is at the end of the output file for the job:


Here's the explanation from the list of error messages on the MOPAC site:

(FATAL) The data-set has a severe error in the first three lines. This is a very unusual error, and indicates that the data-set is likely to be severely in error, or that MOPAC has not been installed correctly.

Any chance the two errors are related? How would I go about repairing the installation of MOPAC 7?

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