run_log not generated

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run_log not generated

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I don't know for sure that this problem is related to External Authentication, but that is the change that was introduced so I'm posting the question here. After enabling external authentication and setting jobs to be submitted to the external batch scheduler under the WebMO user's system UID, my externally authentication user is unable to run jobs. The error that appears after attempting to submit the job is:

Software error:
Cannot open file /home/webmo/webmo/connerms/13808/run_log: No such file or directory at text_dump.cgi line 77.

I have used system ACLs to allow the webmo system user (under which WebMO runs) to write to the connerms users' home directory and to allow the connerms user to write to the /home/webmo/webmo/connerms directory. I've tried symlinking the directories, first one direction, then the other, but haven't been able to get past this error.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: run_log not generated

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Approach this in steps. Initially, do NOT select the option to store jobs in user home directories (and certainly do not make symlinks manually!). Let's focus on just getting jobs running under the users UID. Here are some detailed instructions: ... ation.html

Note that, in particular, you need to configure 'sudo' to allow this to work properly. You may need to check your system logs and batch queue logs, in addition to the webmo error log, to see if additional error messages are being generated. The fact that no run log is created strong suggests that the job has not even been properly submitted to the batch queue. This should be easy to verify via the appropriate logs.

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