Size or coordinates for Electron density

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Size or coordinates for Electron density

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Earlier I requested feature by email to add option to open .cube files by WebMO and I was directed to an in-build feature. However, I encountered a problem with it. When trying to calculate it for larger system it stops half way. That in of itself would not be a problem if I could specify in which region it is calculated.
I need to know electron density around region with green atom but it is cut off.

Is there any workaround or is it possible to add some size or position control for electron density?

Also I am trying to figure out what to do with some of these bonds. I was told to edit the order of bonds but what to do with some that are not supposed to be present?

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Re: Size or coordinates for Electron density

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Could you post (or email) the output file for this job? The full electron density should be calculated. I do not understand why it is stopping, so this may indicate a bug.

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