WebMO Pricing Information

WebMO Basic Pricing

WebMO Basic is available for free download. A WebMO license number is required for download, which can be obtained instantly via email.

WebMO Pro and Enterprise Pricing

WebMO Pro and WebMO Enterprise are commercial add-ons to the freeware WebMO Basic computational chemistry package. They feature a variety of powerful enhancements that are suitable for serious education, commercial, or research-level users. The cost to purchase one license (single installation on one web-server, multiple computational servers, unlimited clients) is given below:

Pro Enterprise
$1,200 (academic)
$3,000 (center/commercial)    
$2,400 (academic)
$6,000 (center/commercial)

An academic license is for a non-profit academic institutions serving a single physical location. Center/commercial licenses are for computer centers serving more than one campus or institution, consortia of institutions, or for-profit organizations.

To purchase WebMO Pro or WebMO Enterprise, you must first fill out a WebMO Order Form. For questions or for more information regarding WebMO, you may contact us at sales@webmo.net.

WebMO Upgrade Pricing

Minor upgrades of WebMO Pro/Enterprise (e.g. 20.0 -> 20.X) are always free. Simply download the updated version with your existing license number and password.

Major upgrades (19.X -> 20.X) are credited with 50% of the cost paid for the existing license. Thus, the cost to upgrade one WebMO Pro or Enterprise license is given below:

Pro Enterprise
$600 (academic)
$1,500 (center/commercial)    
$1,200 (academic)
$3,000 (center/commercial)

However, if the license was purchased or upgraded within 6 months of the new release, then the upgrade will be granted at no charge. This means that one will not miss out on an imminent upgrade when purchasing or upgrading a license. This free license upgrade is done automatically with no action required on your part. When the new version is released, simply download it with your existing license number and password.

WebMO Site License and Maintenance Pricing

WebMO site license purchases and upgrades are priced at three times the cost for an individual license. Annual maintenance is priced at 80% of the cost for upgrading a license.

Conditions apply. See the WebMO Service page for details. Contact sales@webmo.net if you are interested.

WebMO Installation Services Pricing

WebMO can provide installation services for WebMO Pro or Enterprise and for computational engines on a Linux operating system, including Cloud installations. Installation service for WebMO and mopac7 is $500. Additional engines are $100 each. Setting up a SSL certificate for a provided domain name is $100.

Conditions apply. See the WebMO Service page for details. Contact sales@webmo.net if you are interested.