WebMO Help - Troubleshooting

WebMO Directories

For Linux/unix installations, it is STRONGLY recommended that you install WebMO as a normal system user into the /home/{username} directory structure using the directory names recommended by the installation script. Do not install WebMO as 'root'. Do not install WebMO in main webserver directory, e.g., not in /var/www/html.

We recommend creating a 'webmo' user and installing WebMO as follows:

It is also recommended that suexec be enabled for cgi scripts, so that they run as the system user that owns the scripts and not as 'www' or 'apache'.

Other default directory locations are suggested for Apple OS X and Windows installations.

Diagnostic Script

WebMO includes a diagnostic script that can help diagnose installation issues. To run the diagnostic script:

Error Reporting

WebMO scripts write any error messages to
e.g., /home/webmo/webmo/errors. If WebMO is not functioning as expected, check the contents of the WebMO error file
        $ tail /home/webmo/webmo/errors

Webserver Configuration

The vast majority of installation problems are apache webserver configuration issues. The webserver must be configured to access html files and run cgi scripts in user directories.

This usually requires that a few small changes be made to the webserver configuration files in order to access html files in /home/{username}/public_html and to run cgi scripts within /home/{username}/public_html/cgi-bin, as outlined in the Configuring Apache documentation.

When I run login.cgi, I only see "#!/usr/bin/perl..."

Your webserver is not properly configured to execute cgi scripts in the WebMO CGI directory. You must reconfigure your webserver to allow cgi script execution in this directory before you can successfully run WebMO, as outlined in the Configuring Apache documentation.

When I run login.cgi, I get a 403 Forbidden error

When CGI scripts are running under suexec, as recommended, certain requirements are enforced, including:

Additional Help

If you are unable to fix your configuration problem, please visit the WebMO Support Forum or send email to support@webmo.net. In order to help us better diagnose your configuration problem, please include the diagnose.html file as an email attachment.