Server In The Cloud (SITC) Commands

Server In The Cloud (SITC) is a script that automates installation of WebMO and computational engines on cloud computers. Specific instructions for running SITC are available for

SITC can also be used to install WebMO and computational engines on Windows computers through:

Default Initial Installation

By default, SITC installs WebMO Basic and the mopac7 computational engine. This combination allows installation on very small virtual machines and is useful for proof-of-concept, experimentation, or demonstration. The default installation is recommended the first time you install a SITC instance.

The default installation also automatically updates the operating system, installs perl and the apache webserver, and configures the system for WebMO.

After creating a virtual machine as described in the above links, the following commands perform a default installation:

$ curl -O
$ tar xzf sitc.tar.gz
$ ./sitc/install

SITC Options

SITC can accomplish many tasks including:

To see the entire list of options, execute the follow:

$ ./sitc/install --help

Alternate Initial Installations

One can specify a variety of computational engines in a SITC installation, including:

Examples of popular engine combinations follow:

Install Additional Engines Only

Install WebMO Only (no engines)

Upgrade WebMO