WebMO Service

WebMO provides a variety of services to assist customers use WebMO software to its full potential in a cost-effective manner.

Site License

WebMO is licensed on a per instance basis, ie, one installation per license. While a WebMO instance can support an unlimited number of users (subject to limitations of the underlying computer system) and WebMO Enterprise can organize users into groups, some organizations have need for multiple WebMO installations.

Site licenses are available for WebMO Pro and Enterprise, subject to the following conditions:

  • A site license is limited to a single physical campus or site
  • All installations must be performed and maintained by the licensing organization
  • All technical or support requests must come through a single point-of-contact

Pricing: Site license purchases and upgrades are priced at three times the cost of an individual license. Examples: A new site license for WebMO Enterprise is $7,200 (three times $2,400). A site license upgrade for WebMO Pro is $1,800 (three times $600).

Annual Maintenance

WebMO licenses are not subscription-based and do not expire. Instead, WebMO is licensed by version, so that customers can use their licensed version of WebMO indefinitely. Most WebMO customers upgrade their WebMO license only when new WebMO features or changes in computing systems warrant doing so. However, some WebMO customers prefer to always use the lastest version of WebMO, want to include WebMO upgrades in their annual budget, and/or want to eliminate the time and bureaucracy of regularly ordering license upgrades.

Maintenance is available for WebMO Pro and Enterprise licenses is available at a rate significantly less than the cost of annually upgrading to the latest version, subject to the following conditions:

  • A current license must be held, ie, maintenance is for future upgrades, not for upgrading an existing license
  • Maintenance is an annual service that runs from July 1 through June 30; licenses are automatically upgraded by WebMO upon release of a new version without any action by the customer
  • Maintenance is presumed to be renewed annually; invoices will be automatically sent on July 1 for the next maintenance period (though pre-payment will be accepted if useful for budgeting reasons)
  • Maintenance may be cancelled by customer notification either prior to the next maintenance period or within 30 days after invoicing, ie, by customer notification before August 1

Pricing: Annual maintenance is priced at 80% of the cost of upgrading a license. Example: Annual maintenance for WebMO Enterprise is $960 (vs the upgrade cost of $1,200).

Installation Service

WebMO is installed by running a installation script that asks a few simple questions (location of perl, desired location of webmo directories, URLs for webmo directories) and configuring the (setting up user accounts, specifying location of computational engines). Most customers install WebMO on their own with ease. Some customers who are newer to computing prefer that WebMO be installed by someone with more experience, such as their IT department.

If internal IT support is not available, WebMO can provide installation services for WebMO Pro or Enterprise and for computational engines on a Linux operating system, subject to the following conditions:

  • The customer must procure licenses for WebMO and for any computational engine being used
  • The customer must provide WebMO with ssh and web access to the computer system on which the software is to be installed
  • If installation is occuring on the Cloud, the customer must set up an account with the vendor, set up ssh keys to permit access by WebMO, and create a virtual machine with ssh, http, and https according to provided instructions
  • If domain name service is desired, the customer is responsible for registering the domain name and associating it with the static IP address provided by the Cloud vendor
  • The installation is warranted for 30 days, during which the customer should verify all capabilities of the installation

Pricing: Installation service for WebMO and mopac7 is $500. Each additional engine is $100. Setting up a SSL certificate for a provided domain name is $100. The purchase of a WebMO license is in addition to the installation fee. Example: Installing WebMO Pro in the Cloud with MOPAC 2016 and ORCA computational engines would cost $1,900 ($500 for WebMO installation, $200 for engine installations, $1,200 for WebMO license, and $0 for engine licenses). The cost to run a 2 vCPU / 8GB RAM / 50 GB disk virtual instance in the Cloud would be approximately $2/day when the instance is running and $1/month when the instance is turned off; this expense is paid to the Cloud vendor, not to WebMO.

Custom Service or Development

WebMO is designed to be easy to install, maintain, and use. The vast majority of customers maintain and support their own computing systems and WebMO software with minimal difficulty. However, given variable levels of IT support and computing background, WebMO can provide maintenance or other technical service on a quoted or hourly basis. If interested, please contact us with your specific needs.